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Easy Tip to Get Noticed by College Coaches

Centre College head coach Dean Brownley says the best way an athlete can improve his or her visibility is to fill out the student-athlete questionnaire available on most teams' websites.

"Every person that fills out [a questionnaire] pops up in our archives." Brownley explained. "This way I can access all of their information quickly."

The archive also allows him to see the number of times a swimmer clicked around the website. Brownley pointed out one potential recruit who had clicked on 12 website links, while most athletes were between three to five clicks.

"I can tell just by the number of clicks that this guy is very interested and is doing his research, so I'm more likely to contact him," Brownley said.

WOW - THAT LAST SENTENCE! We all know that showing interest in a program means a lot to the coach. So email, fill out recruiting questionnaires and DIG INTO THEIR WEBSITE!

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