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I had already gone through the college search with my oldest child, but hadn't gone through the college recruiting process, so I felt completely clueless.  Leslie literally saved us hours of research, but also introduced us to colleges that weren't on our radar at all.  She shared tools we hadn't been exposed to previously and her advice has been incredibly valuable.  My son has already had numerous calls with D1 coaches before he's even started his junior year!  I feel much better equipped to go down this path than I did previously. Thank you Leslie!

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Leslie went above and beyond in explaining the recruitment process and selection process. She tailored the list of schools to our exact preferences and provided it in a matter of days. We have been tapping into Leslie’s knowledge and expertise and using her recommendations consistently to assist us with our college application process.

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Leslie Lucas is a true ally for not only the swim recruit, but the parent as well. She has a tremendous amount of technical expertise utilizing her extensive knowledge of all levels of college swimming requirements. Most importantly, Leslie understands the High School swimmer’s mindset during the long, tedious recruiting process adding encouraging support. We are so glad we started our son’s recruiting process with Leslie.

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When my son decided that he wanted to continue his swimming career in college, we found Leslie and her consulting service - and we couldn’t be happier. He began working with Leslie the summer before his junior year in high school. She was invaluable in helping us to understand the process of college recruiting. We are family of immigrants, so college application and recruiting process were quite incomprehensible and challenging for us. Leslie is making it smooth, clear and easy. She’s very experienced, knowledgeable, patient and always ready to answer tons of questions we keep asking her! My son is very inspired with recruiting process, because Leslie’s school suggestions look like great fits for him! College Swimming Consulting has my strongest recommendation!

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