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Head Count Sports vs. Equivalency Sports

This info is helpful in understanding scholarships in college sports. Swimming is an equivalency sport....

Head count sports are always full rides. But they only include revenue sports: for men, that’s DI basketball and DI-A football; for women, it’s DI basketball, tennis, volleyball and gymnastics.

Equivalency sports usually hand out partial scholarships. It’s up to the coach to divide their scholarship money among athletes. That could mean they offer a full ride to one extremely high-level recruit (although that is rare), or it could mean they spread the money out among multiple athletes, which is much more common.

Also remember that there are no athletic scholarships given at DIII schools or Ivy League schools. And sometimes the program is not funded or is only partially funded. Don’t rule out DIII schools because of no athletic scholarships - they often offer very generous merit scholarships!

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