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Swim Camps

I see the question about swim camps in Facebook groups often. Swim camps may be a great option for recruiting in other sports, but in my opinion they aren't necessary at all for college swimming recruiting. They can be a fun experience and still keep your swimmer active when they are younger, but there are a few things to keep in mind as they get older:

1. The college coaches at the large college swim camps are not on deck observing the campers much of the time.

2. Unless the technique learned at camp is being reinforced when they go home, the technique improvements are hard to turn into a habit.

3. Club coaches don't usually like the swimmer taking a break in their practice schedule to go to a camp. Good club coaches have a season-long practice plan and a week away for camp isn't part of that plan.

4. College coaches don't need to see a swimmer to judge talent. The times speak for themselves. Video can give them what they need to see regarding techniques. The college coaches will also go to larger meets to observe swimmers they are interested in.

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